LVB Net Banking | LVB Net Banking Online Registration 2023

LVB Net Banking is an online banking service offered by Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LMV) Bank. With LVB Net banking, you can use every banking service in the comfort of your location and time. There is no holiday or weekday off in Internet banking. So, you can access banking services every day of the week. 

The bank is a popular private sector bank whose headquarters are situated in Chennai. LVB Bank merged with DBD Bank in the year 2020. Currently, the bank has a network of 600 branches and 10,000 customers across the country.

In this internet era, net banking services are high in demand. Now, customers don’t need to visit the bank to get banking services after Internet banking was launched by different banks. Like other banks, Lakshmi Vilas Bank also provides net banking services to their customers.

If you want to use LVB net banking, then you will need to do LVB net banking online registration and login. So, here we are going to share the complete process to register and log in for LVB Internet banking. Read this guide till the end to never miss any information. 

LVB Bank Details

Bank Lakshmi Vilas Bank 
Established 1926
Headquarter location Karur, Tamil Nadu
Official website
Helpline number 1800 425 2233
Official email ID [email protected]
Login url Click here

What is LVB Net Banking?

Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) allows its customers to access banking features and services through an online platform. You can also use LVB features and services online by just registering for an LVB internet banking account. To enjoy DBS LVB net banking, you only need a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone with a good and stable internet connection.

Customers can perform various banking tasks online by using a net banking facility. They don’t need to go outside and wait in a long queue to get banking services. With the help of net banking, users can transfer funds, apply for loans, check their balance, and apply for a new chequebook/passbook/ATM Card. LVB Net Banking also saves the time and energy of both customers and bank employees. 

You have to generate your user ID and password to use LVB Internet Banking. Here, we are going to share the process to register for LVB Internet banking through an online method. It can also be done by visiting the bank or through mobile banking. All the processes are easy and work effectively.

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What are the features of LVB Online Banking?

These are the features of the net banking facility offered by Laxmi Vilas Bank.

  • Fund transfers
  • Account balance check
  • Utility and Credit Card Bill Payment
  • Mobile and Dish Recharge
  • Insurance policy
  • Insurance Premium Payment
  • Donate Money to Government Funds
  • Check last transactions
  • View Bank Statement
  • Check the Employee Provident Fund account

What benefits of LVB Online Banking?

The benefits you can get by using LVB Internet banking are: 

  • It allows to access multiple banking services through a single dashboard
  • This saves the time of customers
  • There are no fees charged for online banking services
  • It provides safe and secure transactions

What are the requirements for LVB Net Banking Online Registration?

You will need some things that are necessary to register for LVB Internet banking. Those important things are:

  • You should have LVB savings or a current account
  • The applicant should have a bank-registered mobile number
  • There is a requirement for a smartphone
  • You must have a good internet connection
  • The applicant should have a working ATM Card.

All these things will be necessary while registering for LVB online banking.

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LVB Net Banking Online Registration

These are the steps you need to follow to register for LVB Internet banking.

  1. Go to Laxmi Vilas Bank’s official website.
  2. Visit the net banking page.
  3. Click on the ‘register’ option from the bottom of the page.
  4. Now, enter the details required by the bank.
  5. After that, enter a bank-registered mobile number to get OTP.
  6. Enter the received OTP in the required section.
  7. Now generate your user ID and password
  8. Click on the ‘submit’ button
  9. Now, your account has successfully registered for LVB Internet banking.

Steps for LVB Net Banking Login

Follow the steps mentioned below to log in to the lab internet banking account.

  1. Go to the netbanking portal of Laxmi Vilas Bank.
  2. Now, enter the user ID and password and then click on the ‘login’ button.
  3. After that, you can use any online banking services of LV Bank through any location.

How to Check Bank LVB Account Balance using LV Net Banking?

We are going to mention the easy steps by which you can easily check your account balance in LV Bank.

  1. Go to Lakshmi Vilas Bank’s net banking portal.
  2. Now login to your net banking account with your user id and password.
  3. Go to the ‘accounts’ section and click on the ‘account summary’ option.
  4. Select an account to check its balance.
  5. Now all the account details including balance will appear on your screen.

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How to register on the LVB Net Banking App?

Below are the steps by which you can register on the LVB net banking app.

  1. Download lvb mobile banking app from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open the app and start registration.
  3. Enter your debit card and other details required for net banking app registration.
  4. Now, create an mPIN and transaction password.
  5. After that, your registration for the net banking app will be successful
  6. Now open the app again and enter mPIN.
  7. You will reach the dashboard from where you can access every online banking service through the app.

Lakshmi Vilas Bank IFSC Code

IFSC refers to the Indian Financial System Code. This code is very necessary at the time of transferring money from one account to another bank account. So, the IFSC Code of Laxmi Vilas Bank is LAVB0000989.

The code may differ according to the different branches but the pattern and number of characters will be the same. In its IFSC Code, LAVB denotes the bank name, the fifth character is blank, and the last 6 characters are used for the branch code. 

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How to contact LVB Customer Care?

If you face any difficulty while registering for LVB Net Banking and want to get more information about its banking services, then you contact the customer support team of Lakshmi Vilas Bank through the helpline number. You can also send your queries to the Twitter account and email id of LV Bank.

LVB Customer Care Number:

1800 426 2233

Official email id: [email protected]

Official website:


This was all about LVB Net Banking. Laxmi Vilas Bank is a newly established private sector bank in India. At present, the bank is providing banking services to customers through its 600 branches. As we know, nowadays internet banking is the first choice of every bank customer. No one wants to visit the bank and face the crowd to get banking services. So, using online banking is convenient for them. 

Lakshmi Vilas Bank also offers net banking services to its customers to save their time and the cost of travel to visit the bank. Now anyone with a mobile phone or computer can access lvb internet banking anytime or anywhere. The big benefit of net banking services is there is no holiday for net banking portals. So, you can use the net banking of Lakshmi Vilas Bank on any day of the year. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and get valuable information about LVB Net Banking. Now we are leaving and will come back with another topic.

People Also Ask

How to log in to LVB Net Banking?

  • Go to netbanking portal of Lakshmi Vilas Bank
  • Select the ‘login’ button
  • Enter your user ID and password
  • Now you can use the net banking services of LVB.

How to register for LVB Mobile Banking?

We have shared above the complete process to register for LVB Internet banking.

Is LVB now known as DBS?

After Lakshmi Vilas Bank merged with DBS, all the banking services were provided through Digibank. So, LVB is now working as DBS.

How to link an LVB account to DBS internet banking?

You can use the details of your existing debit card with an expiry date of after migration to link your LVB account to DBS net banking.

How to activate DBS Net Banking?

  • Go to the net banking portal of DBS Bank.
  • Navigate to the login page.
  • Log in with your user ID and password.
  • After that, your DBS net banking will be successfully activated.

By which new name LVB Bank is known?

After the merging of LVB Bank and DBS Bank, now the banking operation is done under the name of DBS Bank. 

What does LVB stand for?

LVB is a bank whose full name is Lakshmi Vilas Bank.

How to generate a DBS user ID?

  • Visit the official website of DBS Bank
  • Go to the net banking page
  • Click on ‘new registration’
  • Now enter your bank and debit card details
  • After that, choose a user ID and login password.


How to activate an ATM Card from DBS Bank?

  • Visit your nearest DBS Bank ATM
  • Insert the Debit card into a machine
  • Select on ‘Pin Generate’ option
  • Enter your bank account number two times
  • Mention your bank-registered mobile number
  • Now, enter the received OTP
  • After that, create your ATM PIN and click on confirm
  • Now your ATM card is activated and can be used for offline and online transactions.