Credit Cards with $2,000 Limit Guaranteed Approval (January 2024)

Credit Cards with $2000 Limit Guaranteed Approval for bad credit no Deposit

Today credit cards are an absolute necessity for individuals of all age groups. If you’re a teenager as well as an older adult, the desire to have credit cards is an absolute requirement. On the contrary, it can sound extravagant and for some they are aspire. Nowadays, everyone wants an credit card.

In the beginning there was a lack of any attention to the debit or credit cards (debit/credit). Today, no one is thinking of going out without a debit or credit card. It is now possible to obtain credit cards with a few easy steps.

The majority of banks offer credit card services, with the majority being credit Cards that come with a Limit of $2000 Guaranteed Approval that comes with a variety of benefits that allow people to save money on their purchases. Major credit cards operate by allowing you to buy before paying later, which provides the convenience of having the time they need to pay their amount.

This is why every credit card comes with an amount limit that makes it possible to spend the maximum amount you have.

However, some of you might have been a victim of the requirement for credit cards, but haven’t been able to obtain one. Are you one of them? It could be due to an unsatisfactory credit score. If yes you are in the perfect time to help you improve your knowledge about different credit cards and their features.

Issue your own credit card with fair limit

It’s quite difficult to accumulate a substantial amount of savings to cope everyday expenses. We can find the services offered by credit cards.

In terms of costs that are due, the obligation to Credit Cards with decent limits could be worthwhile. However, it isn’t always easy to get one. As we’ve stated previously due to poor credit scores or the requirements some of you don’t have the right to possess the credit card.

There is a good chance that at one point or another you be faced with such a problem and it could be a depressing experience. But you need to know that there’s a solution for every issue and that is the case with credit cards.

There are a variety of credit cards that offer the guarantee of approval and more limits- far over your expectations. We can help you discover Credit Cards with a Limit of $2000 as well as Guaranteed Approval.

The credit limit with impressive perks in hands

There is no doubt that when you first start, you will not get a bigger limit on the amount you can spend with your card. It could be as high as thousands. Once you have made an use of your credit card, and you pay promptly, you will be able to build a solid credit card.

This will eventually help you expand your boundaries and provides you a sense of peace.

It was also discovered that the credit line is now $ 5,021 and the costs are getting more expensive. People are more likely to search for credit Cards with a limit of $2000 that is guaranteed Approval.

Therefore, in this case we’ve put together the top Credit Cards that come with a $2000 Limit Approval. Not only that they’re stylish in appearance, have a lot of options and are offered to people who some time ago developed a poor credit score.

So, without a moment of hesitation, allow us to assist you find all those.

List of Credit cards with $2000 credit limit:

Banks generally do not provide credit cards for those with an unsatisfactory credit score or don’t meet the guidelines. But, you’ll be able to fill your head with credit cards that have a an unlimited credit limit of $2000, along with approval.

1. Surge® Platinum Mastercard®

The Surge(r) Platinum Mastercard(r) absolutely provides a greater credit limit. On the contrary it is accepting those with low credit scores. To get it you must pay the annual cost (which is a common payment paid using all credit cards).

But remember surge platinum cards do charge a monthly fee. When you first start using it, the cost is eliminated (for the first year). It is the most beneficial credit card that lets you save money on each purchase of yours.

When you apply for surge platinum Mastercard The required documents must satisfy the requirements. There are many benefits that we will look at the benefits in detail.

Overall ratingLength of applicationMonthly reportingReputation score
4.5/5.0Nearly 9 minutesAvailable8.5


  • All types of credit are accepted. It can cover up to $1000, and can double up to $2000. The only thing to remember is to pay the initial 6 monthly installments in time.
  • It is a quick and simple process that usually can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Anyone can log in to the accounts they have (24×7).
  • Send your statements to your email or phone number when you register.
  • It is possible to purchase the surge card in the highest quality design (with an additional charge).

2. Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards 

With the capital one quicksilver card, the limit can vary as depending on the amount of deposition. This means that the amount of deposit can be anywhere from $200 to $2500.

To increase it even more it is essential to be dependable with your payment. So, you can raise your credit limit as well as the amount you pay without second thought. Sometimes, we must take an enormous amount of product in which case capital one quicksilver is.

However it offers cash back rewards/rewards as well as a special bonus.

Overall ratingLength of applicationMonthly reportingNeeded credit
4.0/5.0Nearly 9 minutesAvailableBad/limited


  • There is no hidden fee but it lets you earn unlimited cashback facility as well.
  • Lets you to get ahead in the process in seconds.
  • If you are looking to develop a good credit score then Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card is one of the best choices.
  • $0 fraud liability is available to avoid any unauthorized charges.
  • Earn back your security deposit while paying your first payment on time.
  1. Reflex® Platinum Mastercard®

The Reflex platinum Mastercard is credit card with a an amount of $2000, and it comes with a guarantee approval. This card lets you limit the amount to $2000. This usually happens when you sign up for a credit card and you make a set of payments.

When you use this kind of credit card the annual cost is taken out of the limit available. You will receive an instant approval as well as the initial limit is $1000.

Overall ratingLength of applicationMonthly reportingReputation score
4.5/5.0Varies 5-8 minutesAvailable8


  • Reflex Platinum Mastercard can be described as a credit-card with a an amount of $2000, and it comes with a guarantee approval. The card lets you restrict the limit to $2000. This usually happens when you create an account and then make a series of payments.
  • When you use this kind of credit card the annual fee is taken out of the limit available. You can get approval immediately with a limit initial of $1000.

4. OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card

The OpenSky Visa Secured Credit Card is among the Credit Cards with a Limit of $2000 Guaranteed Approval. It is among the most popular credit cards that will be available to anytime. It is accessible through Capital Bank.

If you’re trying to make progress with the upper limit of $3000, then you are able to make it happen (also depending upon your credit score).

In addition, as a owner, you may request an increase in the amount of credit you can usein accordance with the requirement. If you are trying for the most reliable credit card (without the need for a credit check) then this is your option.

For those with bad credit, this is one of the best credit cards an individual may seek out.

Overall ratingInitial purchaseCredit neededReputation score


  • There’s no need to search for a credit score- apply directly and immediately
  • It gives you the chance to increase your credit score. The average score was 85%. higher rate.
  • You can easily check easily your FICO score by making use with your OpenSky account.
  • Allows credit line to increase after 6 monthly installments.

5. Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Do you want to start the development of the credit rating of your business? Consider the Capital One Platinum credit card. According to studies, it has been considered to be the most secure card that offers fair credit. At first, cardholders may receive a low credit score, however later the report line increases to 3000 .

The competitive rate of interest is a part of the package alongside the Capital One platinum. Furthermore, you’ll be amazed to discover that it doesn’t have any penalties for late payments. In addition, customers can take advantage of the benefit of fraud protection. It’s an unlimitable credit monitor.

Overall ratingInitial purchaseCredit neededReputation score


  • You can be approved even in seconds and without giving an annual fee/hidden fees.
  • During continuous use for about 6 months, your credit scores improve automatically.
  • Makes you monitor your credit score for free anytime you want to.
  • Easily access your account without any hassle or trouble.

6. Capital One Quick silver One Cash Rewards Credit Card

A fair credit score can aid you in getting the best facilities, especially for credit cards. However, this isn’t the case for all types of credit cards. There are times when you may be denied also, and this can make you feel depressed about making your wish fulfilled.

Yes, for many people getting credit cards seems to be an ideal dream. But, if you’ve got poor credit you shouldn’t worry about it. We have created the low credit score card also, in order to make your shopping experience more smooth and enjoyable.

In this way, it makes its name in the midst of the guarantee of approval, with a limit of $2000. can be described as Capital One quicksilver.

There is a chance that you begin with a small credit limit, but it is likely to grow over time (nearly $1000, even). Along with a reasonable cost (like the majority of credit card users) this card comes with a cashback rewards facility that comes in conjunction with it.

Overall ratingInitial purchaseCredit neededTransfer 


  • Every day and almost every purchase earns cashback of around 1.5%.
  • Quite simple to carry and use with no limitation on purchase/cashback.
  • You could line yourself towards higher credit in just 6 months.
  • Gives you the complimentary benefit- Uber one membership facility.

7. Discover it® Student Cash Back

A large part of the value that Discover has in it(r) Students Cash Back can be recognized by students. It is a great and appropriate credit card for students who have no credit or fair credit.

When it comes to our credit and debit cards we are aware that credit limits differ based on the creditworthiness. When you’ve opted for any kind of service, you must adhere to all rules to ensure they are functioning in a specified condition.

This is also the case when you use a credit card which allows you to make purchases prior to and then pay it off later. Therefore, it is your obligation to pay off your debts prior until the following month to achieve the highest credit score.

This will make you qualified for additional credits to be put to use.

Furthermore to that, you can also discover that it(r) student cash back doubles reward you earn (in the initial year) after you have established an account. In addition, they count as Credit Cards with a limit of $2000 and guaranteed Approval

Overall ratingInitial purchaseCredit neededAnnual fee


  • No credit score is required at the time of applying.
  • Unlimited cashback facility with Discover as it lets you enjoy your rewards on every purchase + first year of purchase.
  • Enable strong protection (keep all of your personal information safe).
  • Need not have to pay any annual fee.
  • Enjoy a cashback facility (5%) on the biggest brands like, gas stations, on your grocery billing, restaurants and even more.

8. Applied Bank® Secured Visa® Gold Preferred® Credit Card

The maximum credit limit with an application for a banking (secured visa) credit card is $5000. However, one of the most intriguing facts that it comes with is that it comes with an interest rate that is lower.

In most cases, we’re in the position of paying interest that is higher than the amount of purchase. It’s quite fascinating since it keeps the total cost of the payment lower.

Easy to manage with the aid of the internet banking. Today, everything can be handled online, and that includes can your credit card debits.

However there is no need to work hard to apply the credit card. Benefit from all its benefits in a matter of minutes.

Overall ratingApplication length Monthly reportsReputation score 
4.4/5.010 minutesObtainable 7.5/10


  • Get started in minutes and enjoy the packed benefits with an applied bank-secured visa gold credit card.
  • No credit check is required, so relax and enjoy your dream of owning a credit card of your name.
  • It lets individuals increase the credit limit which goes up to $5000.
  • Lower interest rate which is charged at the time of monthly billing.

9. Discover it® Cash Back

One of the well-liked credit cards which allows individuals to benefit from its benefits even with poor credit scores. The cash back feature has facilitated many people to benefit from it. In addition, it has an amount of credit up to $500 that can range from $20 or 1000. This is somewhat shocking, but it’s real.

Discover it gives you various benefits that come with itincluding rewards, cashback discounts, and much more.

Overall ratingRequired credit  Monthly reportsInitial purchase  
4.9/5.0fairObtainable $0


  • Discover helps you to earn unlimited cashback and lets you enjoy every time you shop.
  • Every $1 cashback holds the same value (at the time of redemption).
  • Lets you be safe in terms of your personal information.
  • While traveling to gas stations, restaurants and even for groceries, swipe your card and save on every purchase.
  • Get 0% APR (for 15 months of purchase).

10. Chase Freedom Unlimited®

With the ability to earn caps and credit limits, the limit for chase freedom unlimited is $500to $2000. If you’re looking forward with a credit card that has $2000, and hassle-free or guaranteed approval, then consider the chase freedom unlimited your primary choice.

Chase Freedom Unlimited has earned its mark on the top of credit card. It is a great option for you when you are looking to put your hands on the most reputable credit card.

Overall ratingRequired credit  Monthly reportsAnnual fee  
4.9/5.0fairObtainable $0


  • Bumper cashback facility (1.5%) on every purchase you make. This makes you get back your money and savings can also be done.
  • Further chase freedom unlimited also is the best choice for travellers. If you often travel and want to save money more on travelling then it is best suited. It let you enjoy 6.5% cashback.
  • There is no minimum rewards to get them to redeem. Pick your choice at your convenience.
  • You do not have to pay any annual fee to make this card yours. Get an instant approval and start undertaking its benefits.

11. Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card

Do not be concerned over the annual cost as capital one-time rewards are available without cost. You might be shocked but it’s true. Along with it you’ll get a the credit limit of around $20,000.

If you’re frequent traveler and need to secure insurance, damage waiver, or even an additional warranty Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card is the most suitable. It comes with the $2000 limit guaranteed approval.

In addition, it rewards points every time you purchase. They can be used at your discretion and you can earn cashback or other accessories

Overall ratingRequired credit  Initial purchaseAnnual fee  
4.8/5.0fair0% (for 15 months)$0


  • Along with no annual fee, there is also no foreign transaction fee applicable.
  • A bonus of 20, 000 miles is rewarded once you purchase $500.
  • Your earned miles won’t expire (like another credit card), you can redeem them anytime. (lifetime).
  • Further, your miles can be utilized at the time of your travel purchase. They are simply redeemed to buy your desired stuff.

12. First Latitude Platinum Mastercard® Secured Credit Card

If you’re looking to acquire credit cards one of the names that pops up is the first latitude mastercard secure credit card. It allows you to enjoy a variety of the most luxurious perks available and helps you save money.

The benefits of both make it a popular choice for people. In addition it gives you assured approval and a an amount of $2000 in credit (even more if you keep using it and payment on time).

In order to reach your goals, it is necessary to attain an acceptable credit score

Overall ratingMonthly reports  Interest rateAnnual fee  
4.4/5.0Yes 9.9%$0


  • It served better than any other prepaid card. With its one usage you won’t let yourself stop using it.
  • No credit check required- can be accessed easily 
  • Let’s increase your credit limit to around $5000.
  • Lower interest rate that won’t let you stress out at the time of payment.

A bad credit score won’t let you enjoy taking the benefits of a credit card. You won’t be eligible to apply for the credit card and this indicates no perks. Moreover, thousands of individuals are not able to bring home credit card+ facilities encrypted within them, all because some are not eligible and some have a bad credit score.

Sometimes it can be depressing (where you are not able to put your hands on things you wanted to). To this, we have come up with the complete list of credit cards with $2000 Limit Guaranteed Approval mentioned above to get started in minutes and bring home your desired credit card.

Advise from the Experts:

At the time you are dealing with a bad credit score and it won’t let you obtain a credit card then you need to rely on a secured card. They let you enjoy a limit of about $2000.

They can be applied easily and also lets you be in (with guaranteed approval). All you need is to provide the desired information required to be into the process. However, we have mentioned the complete list above that lets an individual make themselves enjoy the benefits of credit cards.

All of these cards offer a flexible payment schedule, offers and also help you to improve your credit score. They are the best source that allows you to enjoy your shopping at present time and pay later with no or less interest rate. In this manner, your wish to keep a credit card in your pocket gets accomplished and along with tons of benefits packed with it.